Glimmergold's Gem

The first ring of Hellenhold


Belonging to the king of Hellenhold, in Kinghelm,since before the campaigns start. This ring grants the holder a multiplier of 1.5 to their wealth. on the inside it is transcribed with the language of dieties, celestial, pointing the way to the next to the ring.


Created by Garl Glimmergold one hundred years ago as a gift to the first king of kinghelm to strengthen his rule. Due to his ever increasing paranoia over its theft, which would render him far weaker, he locked it away in his castle to keep its magic close but out of other hands. It was made as part of a set. Hoping the set would some day be brought together Glimmergold inscribed the location of the next ring on it.

Glimmergold's Gem

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